In the  pumps of this series the same oil of the hydraulic system supplies both the primary and the secondary circuit.

A connection system inside the pump allows part of the oil circulating in the back section to be pushed in the front section and then  pumped at very high pressure (up to 800 bar) through the port P2.

An adjustable safety valve discharges inside the pump the excessive pressure, by so making the use of the intensifier reliable and safe.

These units find their application field, as pressure multipliers, to drive hydraulic tools that need pressures  much higher than the ones given by the usual hydraulic pumps  (squeezing devices, rescue spreaders, jacks, rescue scissors for first aid operations, pliers for concrete demolition etc.). A pressure of 100/150 bar (1500/2200 psi) at P1 is enough to make  available at P2 up to 800 bar (11800 psi).