High Pressure Water Pump.

For All Applications

The Neròn HWB hydraulic high pressure water pump transforms the hydraulic power of a work machine effectively into high pressure water power. Because of high pressure, the pump gives great water power with a small amount of water. To pump is self-sucking, requiring no feeding pressure.

Small size, light weight, durable construction and low water consumption make the hydraulic high pressure water pump very cost effective. The patented design of the pump makes it completely unique in the world. It can be installed practically in any space in the work machine. The power range of pumps available covers all mobile and industrial applications.

The HWB pump is an excellent tool in daily cleaning work as well as in other works. Thanks to its versatility the pump can be used as a pressure washer or as a dust suppression tool only by changing the nozzle at the output.

The Neròn pumps are connected directly to the main hydraulic system installed on the machine or the motor-vehicle. The water can be also sucked from:

a) A reservoir or a barrel placed on the vehicle
b) A natural source (river, lake, sea)
c) The main water public system

Herein after you will read some application where the Neròn pump finds perfect location; all the others can be discovered by yourself!

a) High pressure washing of road surfaces, tunnels, public areas, cow sheds, roofs, stalks
b) High pressure water digs dust and sand out from the pores in asphalt, concrete
c) High pressure washing the reversible street pipe even in difficult projects, Washing of apartment entrances, corners and other tight spaces can be cleaned effectively and easily. Statues, park benches, road signs.
d) High pressure washing, street- pipeline- and bin cleaning, water cutting, hydro demolition and scaling, fire fighting, drilling fluid flushing, water hydraulics, robotic washing, pressure testing
e) High pressure washing offshore and underwater works, cleaning, de-clogging, de-icing, flushing and purging pipelines, drains, sewers, storm drains, culverts, etc.
f) High pressure powerful pipe cleaning typically used in works such as unclogging or defrosting pipes and sewers

HWB with three pistons pumps can be used with more than 100 meters hose reach in horizontal and vertical pipes without loosing any output pressure.

Neròn also offers a wide range of different nozzles, atomisers, dust suppression devices, hose reels, lances, pistols, turbo nozzle, sludges pumps, sand blasting heads, canal jets, complete washing kits.

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  • Asphalt, Finishing Machines & Pavers

  • Communal Trucks, Truck Maintenance Units, Multifunctional Machines, Minivans, Pickup Trucks and Utility Vehicles

  • Concrete Book Pumps, Trucks & Concrete Mixers

  • Crushers and Rescue Services Vehicles

  • Drilling Machines, Underground Mining and Ditch Machines

  • Dust Suppression System

  • Excavators, Dumpers and Plaster Machines

  • Fishing Boats, Vessels and Fish Farming

  • Garbage Collection Truck and Waste Bin Washing Unit

  • High Pressure Fire Fighting Water Pumps

  • High Pressure Hydraulic Water Pumps

  • High Pressure Subsea Pumps

  • High Pressure Washer System

  • Road Sweepers And Sewers

  • Sludge and Flushing Trucks, Refuse Collection and Vacuum Trucks

  • Tractors and Agriculture Machines

  • Trenchers and Railway Service Machines

  • Work platforms, Earth moving machines and Cranes