Communal Trucks, Truck Maintenance Units, Multifunctional Machines, Minivans, Pickup Trucks and Utility Vehicles

High Pressure Pumps for Communal Trucks

High Pressure Pumps for Communal Trucks, Truck Maintenance Units, Multifunctional Machines, Minivans, Pickup Trucks and Utility Vehicles

Neron Pumps produce High Pressure Pumps for Communal Trucks and all type of Utility Vehicles. Since electricity in many cases is rather unavailable or does not supply sufficient power to allow efficient use of the various pressure water techniques, combustion engine driven pressure washers require quite some space, are heavy, difficult to handle in one man operation and additional machinery need additional space, you can use the HWB model. It is sufficient to install a small hydraulic system or a power pack in pick-up-trucks or trucks and the cars become a proper complete versatile tool.

An hydraulic circuit, created by an hydraulic pump flanged on an electromagnetic friction driven by the belts of the motor of the machine, offers the possibility of connecting any type of Neròn pumps. With this system, cars also can be used on different sectors like street cleaning Service and Public protection.

A small gear pump with electric V-belt clutch is driven by the engine of the vehicle. Due to its small size, installation is as simple as of an air conditioning compressor and can be easily done by any vehicle service shop.

The gear pump sucks oil from a small oil tank and feeds the pressurised oil through hydraulic hoses towards the hydraulic high pressure Neròn pump from where it is idled back to oil tank.

The HWB takes up the hydraulic power and transfers it to water sucked in from water tank and suction hose. The pressurised water reaches the jet lance and at low water consumption is the right tool to:

  • Clean of photovoltaic panels and solar panels
  • Clean of buildings, bridges, sidewalks
  • Remove rust and old paint
  • Restoration and plaster removal from eternal and internal walls
  • Clean of old bricks and tiles for recycling purposes
  • Clean of scaffolding
  • Remove worn surfaces needing replacement
  • Clean of pipes, outflows and draining systems
  • Clean of roadside signs and guard-rails, fences and benches
  • Remove of road markings for minor works
  • Remove posters and graffiti
  • Clean walls, scarify and water sand-blasting
  • Clean and sample well holes and bore holes
  • Remove grass from roads, pavements and monuments
  • Clean and clear of road drainage wells and channels
  • Clean with warm water connecting the pump to a boiler
  • Empty of sand bed filters
  • Fight of small fires as of cars