High Pressure Water Pumps

High Pressure Water Pumps For waste bin Washing unit / Garbage collection truck / Washer system / Agriculture Machines and many more

Neron Pumps produce High Pressure Water Pumps for all types of applications like Tractors & Agriculture machines, Work Platforms, Vacuum Trucks, Road Sweepers, Sub-sea Pumps, Fire Fighting vehicles, Concrete Mixers, Waste Bin washing unit and many more.

The pump used in the field and in the farm is used to:

> Clean of agricultural equipment in the field or wherever dirt should not be accumulated

> Clean of clogged drainage pipes in the field

> Clean streets at agricultural exits or turning sites to take slippery soil off the streets for preventing accidents

> Flush outflows and sanded ditches

> Clean of watering-places, silos, cesspools and wherever power or water supplies are missing

> Clean of liquid manure trailers and tanks, pits and stables to reduce smell

> Clean and disinfect farm stables used for mass breeding of animals by slowly driving a jetting tractor across, thereby ensuring the animals’ health

> Spray fluid fertilizer, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and disinfectants in mobile user

> Implant seeds of young plants after jetting holes into the soil while simultaneously moistening the soil internally at the seeds or roots

> Remove grass and leaves from the stones

> Remove rust, old paint or damaged surface

> Inject seeds by means of exactly metered high pressure jets

> Water flowers, plants and seeds by using exactly directed shower heads to save water

> Fire fighting in remote areas or on mountain farms and stables where normal fire engines are not easily available

> Quick refill of water tanks by using a sludge pump

> Eliminate environmental pollution in agricultural use

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