Road Sweepers And Sewers

High Pressure Pumps for Road Sweepers And Sewers

High Pressure Pumps for Road Sweepers And Sewers

Neron pumps produce High Pressure Pumps for Road Sweepers And Sewers.  The High Pressure water techniques cannot be easily applied in streets, on bridges, at public buildings since electricity is not available.

Sweepers equipped with mobile power jetting systems allow quicker and more professional working methods since all kinds of pressure water techniques can be applied. Cleaning in this case means penetrating the surface pores, and slippery surfaces can be roughened and made safe again.

So, by the mobile water jet at high pressure, can be removed and cleared:

  • Wet leafs, sheets of paper, stickers, chewing gum and other sticky material that are difficult to remove from the surface of streets and sidewalks
  • Grass and weeds growing between stones and stone plates of sidewalks without using chemicals to avoid environmental pollution
  • Dirt and excrement of animals which cannot be easily removed out of gutters and edges of streets and their side stones or sidewalks
  • Chemicals used to soak and solve oil after accidents to avoid slippery road surfaces
  • Side jobs like flushing sanded sewers, watering or flowering plants in cities, disinfecting, sandblasting, cleaning of pipes, gullies and traffic signs

Two jets can be connected to the brushes or to the spray bar with high pressure nozzles driven directly from the cab through an electric or manual valve supplying the nozzles for dust suppression when the sweeper is moving and to allow mobile application with the lance when the sweeper is stopped. Low pressure flushing, by means of large water volumes, should be replaced by more effective, more accurate and water saving high pressure jetting.