Metropolis is a professional high pressure washing equipment suitable for mobile use in trucks, picks-up, vans, rescue vehicles etc. The kit is ready to work, & is fastened on the vehicles chassis. Metropolis is powered by the hydraulic circuit of the truck; this assures unbeatable advantages of use, economy running &
maximum performance.


• Washing of streets, walls, side walks, benches & child plays in parks, public toilets
• Removal of mural graffiti, removal of posters on walls
• Cleaning of road signs, scraping of oxidized surfaces
• Preparation /cleaning of walls before painting
• Transport of water for watering public flower beds etc.
• Clear clogged pipes with “canal jet”
• Spray insecticides, disinfectants, chemicals neutralizer, weed killers
• Cleaning of historical buildings, statues & monuments
• High cleaning power & performance, rapidity of work
• Manholes, sewers, drain pipes, vacuuming with incredible power debris-mud-leafs


•Safe & easy to use
• Ideal for night cleaning absolutely silent
• Cost effective
• Low maintenance required
• Use only cleaned Energy, no electricity required
• Washing with cold water, hot water & detergents
• If used on pick-ups assures agility & transit in narrow streets &restricted zones
• Improved versatility of the vehicles & increased personnel efficiency
• Can be stored for long periods without cares, no problems when reboot
• High cleaning power and performance, rapidity of work
• With the special accessory can clean manholes, sewers, drain pipes, vacuuming with incredible power debris-mud-leafs etc.
• Safe and easy to use does not require special training and does not need electricity
• Practical hose reel self winding with hose lengths up to 35 meters
• The plastic rust and corrosion free, water tank assures also high impact resistance
• Can be stored for long periods without cares. No problems when reboot


Urban cleaning companies
Civil protection, rescue organizations
Military, civil and intelligence
Companies operating in the environmental application field
Street maintenance

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