Trenchers and Railway Service Machines

Hydraulic Driven Pumps

Hydraulic Driven Pumps can be used for Trenchers & Railway Service Machines. 

Neron Pumps Produce Hydraulic Driven Pumps available in all the trenchers working in the most impervious and remote areas of the planet, whilst electricity is unavailable in any cases or unacceptable for safety reasons and compressed air presents problems at higher pressures.

The HWB connected directly to the main hydraulic system is the solution to:

  • Prevent that heavy dust of the excavation damages the blades
  • Allow faster and safety digging operations
  • Clean the machines during maintenance to avoid dirt penetrating sensitive machinery space
  • Remove encrusted dirt, deposits, sediments or rust by using steel gravel or other granulate
  • Keep the drilling hose and parts always cleaned from dirt
  • By the aid of the Neròn pump you will avoid water consumption, low maintenance and prevent mug
  • Cleaning of railways

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