Dust Suppression System


Neron Pumps produce Dust Suppression System for Demolition long boom excavators, loaders, crushers, pulverisers, breakers, drills, mobile crushers, done in quarries, demolition sites, material handling areas, recycling and waste management, to remove dust and smell.

High power atomizing jets for targeted dust suppression with low water consumption no flooding.

The system can be used effectively in all machine-operated work, where dust emission is considerable.

The greatest benefits of the dust suppression system are in extra dusty work, such as rock breaking or in excavator breaker use in  grab, drill, ditch or hammer use and in handling dry soil.

The high pressure dust suppression system is done at 100 bar or more with the Neròn HWB.

High pressure water is sprayed directly to treated area through special atomisers. This will catch even the smallest dust particles and makes them fall down by controlling the water consumption.

Based on the type of dust heavier or lighter, and on the smell,  just by changing the atomiser the HWB will automatically adjust itself allowing a different output jet and pressure.

This in turn helps to avoid flooding at the work site. The water used can be taken from a water line or a separate tank.

The HWB is self adjusting so the same pump which is used for cleaning purposes with a lance and pistol can also be used for dust suppression only by changing the nozzle on the output.

Smell suppression can also be used at low pressure with the addition in the water tank of enzymes, to be used in the garbage collection trucks.