Excavators, Dumpers and Plaster Machines

High Pressure Cleaning for Plaster Machines

High Pressure Cleaning for Plaster Machines, Excavators and Dumpers

Mini-excavators, due to their most versatile applicability, can be ideal power station to allow high pressure cleaning for Plaster Machines, Excavators, Dumpers, sandblasting, pipe cleaning and operation of ultra high pressure tools.

Besides they are fully mobile, have their own energy source and can carry water along.

The high pressure hydro cleaner becomes absolutely necessary to:

  • Clean pipes, drains and outflows
  • Cut stones and other construction material
  • Clean the vehicles and equipment tools to avoid corrosion
  • Cutting grass and weeds between stones and plates
  • Remove moss and dirt from gravestones
  • Remove rust or old paint to prevent continuing corrosion and allow concrete to stick
  • Remove of fresh concrete and dirt from wall supports, boards, planks to allow easy re-using
  • Distinguish the fire

Servicing and maintenance will keep equipment and material in good shape, maintain their value and profitability as well as immediate availability and work ability.

In order to avoid accident caused by slippery surfaces, exits of constructions sites, sidewalks and areas on construction sites caused by oil, paint coating must be kept cleaned.