Hydraulic being available in underground mining is the most convenient source of power, whilst electricity is unavailable in any cases or unacceptable for safety reasons and compressed air presents problems at higher pressures.

The HWB connected directly to the main hydraulic system is the solution to:

  • Inject dust abatement agents at jib
  • Clean of the machines during repair and maintenance to avoid dirt penetrating sensitive machinery space
  • Remove encrusted dirt, deposits, sediments or rust by using steel gravel or other granulate
  • Clean heat exchangers, cooling fins, probes by means of short angular lances
  • Keep the drilling hose always cleaned from dirt
  • Prevent fires or explosions by fighting dust

Special fire fighting heads and lances are used to distinguish flames and smouldering fires, not only isolating the source of the fire, but directly penetrating it whilst dangerous gases developing from distinguishing chemicals or powders are avoided due to the use of plain water.