The high pressure oil pump is assembled directly to the main system of the truck, allowing to eliminate the needs and the costs of expensive gear reductions, allowing multiple simultaneous high and low pressure drives, making full use of the powerful truck engine, eliminating the costs of additional engines, ensuring immediate availability of all drives.

The Neròn pump thanks to the small size and to the easier control of all work functions allows:

  • Cleaning the work areas and vehicle wheels upon termination of work also once re-entering public traffic
  • Keeping the vehicles and its equipment always cleaned and clear for immediate use
  • Cleaning of sludge hose couplings to ensure tight sealing
  • Cleaning sludge hoses internally and externally to avoid smell
  • Cleaning small pipes, outflows and clogged gullies
  • Cutting clay on scale sediments off for easy removal
  • Disinfection operations
  • Cleaning gully-hole free of jamming dirt, mug, sand
  • Cleaning system for pipes up to diameter of 20 cm, and sewer clearing system
  • Land reclamation pump for water and mud, capable of passing also solid particles
  • Cleaning of refuse collection vehicle and cleaning of refuse skips and surroundings on site